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What Makes Our Skin Care Products Affordable?

After trying dozens upon dozens of products from high-end to low-end, we wanted to create a skincare line that not only felt, but also provided high-end results without leaving a dent in your wallet. Each product takes us months to perfect before it is launched and we only introduce products that we 100% love, and use ourselves. While the process may seem tedious to other business owners, we are a family of perfectionists and nothing short of perfection is ever launched. You can be certain each product has passed our high standards and is nothing short of amazing! 

Our company is family-owned and operated. And as a small business, we always want to provide products that our family uses on a daily basis. As we are a small business, we’ve made connections with other small businesses which not only helps the community, but also helps us keep our costs low and in-turn keeps our prices affordable. By developing connections with our manufactures and wholesalers, we have been able to formulate amazing products without jeopardizing quality. All of our products are engineered to provide amazing results without the high-end cost. We promise our quality is never sacrificed in the process of offering affordable products.

Our products are never tested on animals and the majority are vegan; our peach lip mask being the exception as it contains beeswax. We only source ingredients from reputable and reliable wholesalers which we have been working with for years. Our wholesalers only source ingredients at a great price and it has truly allowed us to offer those amazing ingredients to you at such a low price. High-end products can be created and we have discovered ways we can offer such products at an affordable cost.

Family-owned has its benefits, and it’s because we are a small business that we are able to keep costs low. We don’t have fancy commercials, nor magazine promotions, we simply thrive from word of mouth. Our customers are the reason we are able to do what we love and we could not be more thankful. It is because of our customers that our small business continues to grow.Your referrals mean the world to us and continue to allow us to offer affordable quality products.

We believe that quality products can be affordable and it is our mission to continue offering effective products at a low cost. Each product is produced in small batches and made with LOVE. We thoroughly test each batch and personally use them to make sure the quality of each product is topnotch. Our promise is always to provide exceptional quality products at amazing prices and we will always strive to keep that promise!

Skincare has always been a passion in our family. We live and breathe all things skincare related and it has always been our dream to create and offer skincare products that we swear by. We have been able to do that at an affordable cost and we will continue to create and offer quality products. We hope you and your family enjoy our products as much as we do.

With love,

YUGLO Family

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