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Skin Care Products For Your Skin Type

Do you know your skin type? You should know what type of skin you have so that you can address its needs properly and use the proper skin care.

Combination – If you have areas of your skin which are oily while others are dry then you fall into this category of skin type. Use a mild cleanser and choose a medium lotion such as our TUGLO Moisture Booster which helps to hydrate without contributing to additional oiliness. 

Dry – Washing your face twice a day may be too much, just ensure you choose a gentle cleanser, and then apply a sunblock moisturizer while your skin is still damp. If your skin is feeling tight, you may want a midday moisturizing application to boost hydration. If you have incredibly, dry skin you should just wash your face in the evening. If your skin is flaky a once a week exfoliation is plenty.

Oily – To combat oily skin, cleanse with a mild facial wash- making sure not to overdo it. You will likely still need a moisturizer, but it needs to be a lightweight option such as our TUGLO Moisture Booster. You should also exfoliate twice a week, but not during breakouts. Avoid products that contain coconut oil or cocoa butter.

Sensitive – Washing your face in the evening is sufficient and you should avoid exfoliation. Avoid any products that contain alcohol, fragrances, or soap and instead choose those with green tea, aloe, and chamomile. Use a moisturizer that is cream based every morning but avoid anything that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or malic acid. A mild retinoid may be appropriate.

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